Changing demographics and shifting patterns in global economic growth are driving demand for energy provision. At the same time, significant new hydrocarbon discoveries are becoming rarer and available proven reserves are in increasingly difficult or remote locations.


Cyprus as always is committed to ensuring the security of its Energy resources and supply, Encouraging healthy competition in the energy sector as well as encouraging the development of all renewable energy technologies and production. Cyprus ranks first in the world in solar energy use for water heating in households and has achieved significant progress in the production of renewable energy sources (RES) The most important projects relating to power generation from RES concern wind parks and photovoltaic parks.

With the discovery of deepwater natural gas reserves in Cyprus off-shore fields (Excusive Economic Zone EEZ) its geographical location at the crossroads of three continents as well as its close ties with the Middle East and Europe, Cyprus has become a sought after setting for significant investment opportunities in the Energy field which in turn will see a definite and positive knock on effect that will certainly benefit many other sectors and industries.

As in all cases where an industry is growing potential investors will require professional, trustworthy and knowledgeable local support in examining all investment opportunities and offering appropriate and reliable advice, legal assistance as well as assisting with all required implementation issues.

H-Energy-Image-1We recognise that good legal representation at a local level is a key part of the investment process and as such our firm can advice our clients on the best course of action suited to their needs.

Our key services and experience include

  • National and EU energy law
  • Oil and gas law
  • Securities law
  • Creation of corporate structures
  • Regulation of business
  • Financing agreements between banks and investors
  • The negotiation of joint venture agreements

We advise our clients on the full spectrum of complex legal and regulatory issues in regards to energy and natural resources law. With our extensive knowledge of the regulatory framework we can provide you with practical legal solutions to take advantage of opportunities, overcome challenges and protect your interests.


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